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7 Emerging Trends in Mobile Development

Beacon technology

Beacon techonology

Beacon technology is an upcoming emerging mobile app development trends scenario. It uses Bluetooth low-energy signals to transmit and connect to mobile It’s no secret that mobile app development is one of the most lucrative industries today. The mobile app development market is always changing. With smartphones becoming an extension of our lifestyle, most businesses are scrambling to woo potential customers via mobile apps, as that is the only device that is always with us whether we're at work, at home, or even on vacation.

Hence, 2023 is the year of new and innovative emerging trends in mobile app development. Blockchain for secure payments, augmented reality app for fun learning sessions, on-demand apps to deliver drugs home—there’s so much you can achieve with a slew of new technology on the mobile application development front!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the emerging trend in mobile app development for 2023 that mobile app development companies will follow so that you can make sure your app is ahead of the curve. Read on to find out more about what's popular in the world of mobile applications, from AR and VR to AI and 5G.

Top emerging trend in mobile app development

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud based solutions

Cloud-based solutions have gained popularity among companies of all sizes as a result of the rise of mobile devices. It offers a number of advantages over traditional on-premise solutions, including increased flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. The use of cloud storage technology and cloud computing can enhance the functionality of mobile apps.

The majority of cloud-based solutions are created to be highly scalable, allowing them to quickly adapt to the needs of businesses as they expand.  Additionally, they provide a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, which over time can be cost-effective for businesses. In addition, cloud-based solutions are more flexible than traditional on-premise solutions, making it easier for businesses to customize their applications to meet specific needs.

Internet of Things

Internet of things

One of the hottest trends that mobile app development companies follow is the Internet of Things apps. It alludes to the spreading practice of attaching actual hardware to the internet. It allows people to control their devices and collect data about their usage remotely.

There are a number of advantages of developing IoT apps: 

First, it can result in more efficient use of resources. 

Second, IoT apps can provide better customer service by giving users the ability to remotely monitor and control their devices. 

Finally, IoT apps can generate a new source of revenue for businesses by allowing them to sell data collected from connected devices.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence

As we look towards the future of mobile app development and mobile commerce, it's clear that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will continue to play a significant role in shaping innovative solutions for businesses. Tasks benefit from being more automated and intuitive when AI or ML is integrated into mobile apps or IT systems. The integration of AI and ML in mobile app development enhances the user experience and convenience. By leveraging AI and ML, mobile apps can provide personalized recommendations, predictive analytics, and real-time insights to users. This not only improves user satisfaction but also helps businesses make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations. Additionally, the continuous advancements in AI and ML algorithms enable mobile apps to adapt and learn from user behaviour, creating a more seamless and intelligent user interface. 

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented reality

As we move into 2023 and beyond, AR and VR are becoming increasingly prevalent in mobile app development - a trend Codezee Solutions is leading with comprehensive solutions to leverage these immersive technologies for enhanced user experience. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences may bring about unprecedented changes to mobile app development. Cloud computing is set to play a crucial role in future app development, building on the potential of augmented and virtual reality.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology

The blockchain can be visualised as a digital balance sheet for all cryptocurrency transactions with transparency. It plays a significant role in making electronic transactions via mobile apps secure.

Before dipping your toe into the pool of blockchain development solutions, you should be certain that your application meets the business requirements since blockchain involves handling a lot of data. Blockchain is a distributed, transparent, and secure digital balance sheet for all transactions.

With increased data security and transparency, transactions, data transfers, or the exchange of information become a secure process. 

devices within a 100-foot range. Mobile apps using beacon technology will be able to suggest the best services nearby for the consumer by using the device location. The greatest services are provided to adjacent mobile devices by mobile applications that utilize beacon technology. Mobile app development businesses are fast embracing this technology to produce apps for the retail, healthcare, real estate, and other industries. By teaming beacon technology with mobile payment solutions through mobile apps, you can offer convenience to users in their hands. 

Security and privacy

Security and privacy

Security is the main issue for any business when it comes to developing mobile applications. With more and more businesses relying on mobile apps to conduct transactions and store sensitive information, it’s essential that these apps are secure. If they want to stay ahead of the competition, mobile app developers must implement robust security measures to safeguard user data. Everyone is at risk from cybercrime. Nobody is unaffected, not even a company or a content creator.  


Being aware of the most recent trends is crucial because the mobile app development landscape is constantly evolving.

There are numerous interesting prospects ahead in the upcoming years, whether you want to develop apps for on-demand services or gaming platforms. Companies must remain ahead of the curve by utilizing predictive analytics to advance their company plans in light of growing mobile penetration rates and greater wearable and smart device usage globally. So, as the trends for mobile app development in the future grow, keep an eye out for what comes next in this always-changing environment.

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